The Software Development Process

Skapa Development is a boutique software development company located in Albuquerque, New Mexico specializing in creating custom business solutions.

We often get questions about our development process by business interested in a custom software solution for their business. Typically, our contracts require a deposit worth thirty percent (30%) of the contract value with the additional seventy percent (70%) of the contract due once you accept our software.

Here are the details of each stage of the process from the first meeting to getting your software and business humming:

1.     Understand Your Business: We sit down and meet with you to discuss your needs, understand your process and discuss your budget. Based on this conversation we provide a high-level scope of work and the price of developing your custom business solution.
·      You can contact us at to set up a free consultation
2.     Determine Scope of Work: If you decide you want to move forward, a detailed scope of work along with a contract will be provided. Once we have agreed on the cost, the scope of work and get a signed contract and the 30% deposit.
3.     Planning & Design: With the scope of work and contract signed the planning phase of the development timeline begins. Skapa Development will provide wireframes (these are rough sketches of the software) to give you an idea of what each page of the web application will look like with all the detail. These will be approved by you before any development starts on your software.
4.     Software Development: With the wireframes completed, the planning phase is complete and Skapa Development gets started on the fun part, the development of your software solution. Depending on the size of your project, development times can vary but typically we complete development between 30 and 60 days from the time planning phase is completed.
5.     Beta Testing: The fifth and final step in the process is beta testing. We provide the software for you to test using situational business cases to put the software to the test. This process is a back-and-forth between us and your team, as you provide feedback we implement the changes and re-test until both parties are happy with the software. We typically schedule 30-days for this process but usually, this step is faster than 30 days we give. Once you are ready to implement the software you provide a Letter of Acceptance which confirms that you are accepting the software and the final 70% is paid to Skapa Development.
6.     Implement The Software: Start using your software and start seeing major savings, improved reporting and happier customers.

The total time of the project varies depending on the project but our average project spends 30 days in the development phase and 30 days in the beta testing phase. The phases leading up to the development phase can vary greatly depending on the timeline of our clients.

If you feel like you have any more questions, we always love to meet and talk with prospective businesses. You can call us at (505) 908-9205 or email us at to set up a free consultation.


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