5 Reasons Your Business Needs Custom Software

Why Would My Business Need Customer Software?

Whenever we meet with a potential client to discuss custom software the inevitable question comes up "Why Would My Business Need Customer Software?" As a former financial analyst, I understand that the only way businesses can continue to exist is if they are profitable. In order for businesses to be profitable, it is important that 1) decision-makers are equipped with the right data to make intelligent business decisions and 2) the business is run efficiently. Our custom business software delivers both high-quality data and opportunities for efficiency.

One of our most recent local clients implemented a custom software solution we designed and developed. The owner of the business has found that our software has resulted in a personal time savings of approximately 20 hours per week!!! Imagine what you could do with 20 extra hours in a week! These numbers don't include the time-savings for the rest of his employees as well as the real-time data he can see from anywhere.

How Do I Know If My Business Could Benefit From Custom Software?

So now that the why has been answered the question becomes, "How Do I Know If My Business Could Benefit From Custom Software?" If your business struggles with any of the following problems, your business would undoubtedly benefit from Skapa Development's services:

1. You’re using multiple programs to accomplish one process.

Do have a process that requires to jump between multiple systems in order to accomplish something. Do you have to take a phone call, write down the customer name, put the customer on hold while you search an Excel worksheet, not finding the customer there do you move on to the filing cabinets...(you get the picture). You shouldn't have to work so hard or use more than one system to accomplish what you need. This ends up costing you time and money.

2. You’re doing repetitive tasks manually.

Are you or your employees continually doing the same tasks over and over again? Stop it, custom software can handle repetitive tasks faster and more accurately than any human. This ends up costing you time and money.

3. You’re tracking and analyzing data but require tons of data entry and/or time.

We were thoroughly impressed with one of our client's commitment to tracking and analyzing data. This business know the productivity of every employee, every job class, they were tracking their sales numbers by the week, how many items were moving through the store and so much more. BUT they were spending an exorbitant amount of hours in labor making sure numbers were correct and entered into their systems. This was costing them tens of thousands of dollars each year to keep this type of detailed reporting. As soon as our system was implemented the labor-savings started piling up and instead of getting reports a few days after data was entered this business had reports that could provide real-time insight.

4. Your current process is limiting growth opportunities.

Scalability is a major reason our clients approach us about creating a custom software solution. These local businesses have an amazing product or service but have reached the limit of their growth opportunity because growing requires the internal systems to easily handle the additional volume that comes that growth.

5. You have processes that should be simple…but are not.

A perfect example of this occurred for a client with calculating sales commissions. This client had a complex commission plan that needed to take multiple revenue data sources, product types, returns and more in order to calculate the sales commission. The commissions then need to be approved by management and the sales people notified. All these calculations were taking the finance team a week from each month to calculate. Skapa Development is able to solve these types of problems to create a seamless, simple process to address processes that aren't quite as simple as they seem they should.

About Us

Skapa Development is a boutique software development company located in Albuquerque, New Mexico specializing in creating custom business solutions.


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